Welcome to this new series of articles, which are adapted scripts from my podcast “Finding your place.” My name is Elena, I am 24 years old, and I live in London.

These articles are about people and their stories, which I hope are going to help you to find your…

Hey, you are probably reading this because:
a) you need an answer to this question
b) you know me and you are surprised to find out that I am not comfortable with myself.

Elena Livadaru, the girl that is extremly bubbly does not feel comfortable with herself.

I realised I have a problem when during our casual conversations at work at the question “what…

It was at 4 AM. The Sun was not even in the corner of the sky. It was way too early when I heard that:

Wake up and get dressed up, we are leaving!

Yeap that is exactly how my new life started with this short phrase told by my…

Elena Livadaru

Just another ambitious lady striving to add value to this world.

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