Stop spending money on advertisment why ads do not work?

We wake up, turn our TV on and while waiting for BBC News are watching the new Nation Wide commercial then we open YouTube to check the new TedTalk, and the Google Pixel 2 ad pops up before the talk then we go on Facebook to check the News Feed and in the middle of watching the new recipe from Food Envy the Asos’s 4505 video is holding us for another 15 seconds. Then we are walking on the Regent Street and the nw Black Opimium Campaign captures our attention at PiccadillyCircus.

God, damn it, advertisement, everywhere!

We are living in an era of clutter when the question: “Should my company spend money on advertising, as well?” becomes a daily habit.

As you can see I already had my glass of wine, they say lead by example.

As my mom used to say deciding to advertise for your company is like doing your manicure: you should choose the right expert, the right colours, the right lengh, but before doing your manicure make sure you take vitamins for nails, or don’t do it at all. And, Lenuta, when in doubt choose red. In other words, there is no need for manicure if you do not take care of your nails from inside.

The things is that until some weeks ago, I never realised this words, as I thought that probablly my mom was obssesed with her nails. (Which probably is true as well).

I am going to tell you the real reasons, why advertising is not working.

The big 52 inches TV was playing as a background… I hear the word “leggings” and suddenly the big blue screen got my whole attention…Probably, they followed my mom’s advice and chose red nail polish.

It was Fabletics commercial.

As you can see I am huge fan of flower print. Flowers here.

I needed leggings in my life, like those Californian girls need Starbucks on their way to uni. I subscribed to a local gym some months ago and dressing nicely for gym keeps me motivated. So it was not just my female instinct of wasting money, it was a surviving need!

Matt’s hall’s wall

Like a typical millennial I got on the website, to buy a pair of leggings, leggings that looked exactly like the wallpapers of my friend Matt.

So, instead of wasting 6 minutes of my precious life on Instagram I wasted it on filling in everything, because Fabletics did not allow me to browse their website without answering those questions.

Luckily for them I really liked the printing, plus they had leggings for petite shape. Which meant that I won’t. need to return back to the prime school community to do my shopping in Zara’s kids section.(Finally, God, listened to my night prayers, and created Fabletics)

But my happiness did not last long.

And flowers here.

So, after answering the questions I selected the two pairs of leggings that I wanted. Added two tops just because I didn’t want my leggings to feel alone, so I got them matching tops. I mean hell yes! Let’s waste some money, Elena!

I checked out. Great! They offered me a discount of almost 75% for everything, as a part of their VIP membership that I got.

VIP membership? Wait what…. Do I need to pay for it like for the one at Wizzair?

It was for free. Could you imagine it?

I paid 6 minutes of my life for the membership.

Apparently the membership works like Spotify subscription.

Although I felt that their membership is not adding any extra value, I decided to make my order.

I mean leggings!

But, damn it, the web-site was unable to take my money.

Most probably that was a sign that I need to stop wasting them, or quit the gym.

And the order “failed”, apparently they failed to proceed it but did not fail to take the money from my account, as I received an email from PayPal that Fabletics took a payment.

I thought that maybe their system is slow so gave them some time. Waited a day for the confirmation email.


a charity that doesn’t know to say thanks.

making changes to a website, edinting some pictures, scheduling posts for social media, going to the gym, cooking some food, calling my mom… doing grocery shopping, meeting my bestie, drinking some wine, cleaning… and calling Fabletics Customer Service

When I have such long “to do” lists on Saturday, that’s how I spoil myself on Sunday after.

No, I didn’t desperately need to talk with a human being.

I just wanted to get my money back.

The guy was lucky that I knew how stressful is to work in customer service so I was nice to him.

No doubts that the Italian customers in HRC gave me good lessons about how is to be the one on the other side and how stressful is to help an unsatisfied customer. (And trust me Italians are always the unsatisfied customers).

He explained that because I made the order through Safari the order was not processed, they received the money, but they did not proceed the order, and they are going to make a refund in the next three days.

Amazing right?

The guy suggested making another order… Never ever!

This bad experience convinced me that their online shop does not worth even a single chance. I mean:

Who do they think they are? They took my money and not even inform me about it…

Plus, seriously, Fabletics, you did not optimize your shopping experience for Safari browser????

I will open you a secret….

As the sales are made only online, your web-site is the one and only source of making profits. There is no need to invest money in advertising and don’t test it…

It takes her about 10 minutes to get the alarm on and make the phone problem a global issue. In extra 3 minutes the phone is working again. She knows: one missed call means one missed opportunity.

Should you invest in advertising for your business?

Yes, you should!

But your advertising activities shouldn’t go the first thing on your business priority list! Okay?

Well, at least I don’t want that legging anymore and trust me I don’t care how amazing they are.

So, dear business owners, managers, and office workers,

Stop blaming people that do advertisment for you….for not closing deals or making your sales. It is not their fault that the transaction was approved but your amazing system did not proceed the order. You even make their job harder, by not fixing everything on time, as the potential clients get a bad experience and your brand value diminishes in their eyes. The new rules of Marketing say that “you can’t engage people with crap” so stop demanding them to sell a crappy experience.

Just another ambitious lady striving to add value to this world.